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Sunset in the Clearing

Sunset in the Clearing

A torrential downpour isn’t the best time to look for moose as they’ll usually hunker down somewhere inconspicuous, and that’s exactly what happened here. This time, though, I was able to spot just the last quarter of his antler with him laying hidden completely in the brush. I waited for the rain to ease and then walked out to a safe distance. After a few minutes of me sitting in the brush, the rain ceased, and he rose! He was in a meandering mood and didn’t really do anything interesting, barely staying visible, but being there was enough so I was happy to sit and watch. Then the sky lit up in a most brilliant pink/purple, and he stepped out into a clearing filled with wildflowers! The color in the sky went as quick as it came, and he was back in the willows, invisible once more. That left me in the decreasing light, wet, with the rumble of thunder both behind and in front of me now, but elated. It was time to go before the lightning on the horizon came and the light had completely gone, so I packed my camera and portable lightning rod away to head back home, but not before one more stop