The Papoose Fire 6/23

June 24, 2013  •  8 Comments
Several photos from Sunday night at the Papoose Fire, part of The West Fork Complex Fire. The fire is burning in the Rio Grande/Road Canyon Reservoir areas of Hinsdale and Mineral County, Colorado. As of Sunday (6/23) the fire had burned over 19,000 acres of forest and is zero percent contained. You can see my previous blog post HERE, it contains several photos taken on Friday (6/21).
For up to date and official information visit the Hinsdale County's fire info page at
A map of the West Complex Fires here.
All photos taken 7:50pm to 10:00pm last night.
rio grande papoose fireRio Grande and Papoose Fire Flames reflected in the Rio Grande River last night around 9:30pm.
papoose fire
Same location as the previous photo.
smoke filled meadowsSmoke Filled Meadows

Smoke filled meadows along Colorado Highway #149

The Papoose Fire and the Rio Grande

Looking west out at the fire, Rio Grande River, and sunset.

Mineral County SunsetRio Grande Sunset Sunset on the Rio Grande River, looking away from the fire.

papoose fire 14
Another shot of the meadows.Papoose Flames A close up of the fire burning in the mountains along Colorado Highway #149.
Papoose Flames Flare Up, taken from the same spot as the photo above but 20 minutes later.
Mineral County ISSISS A quick shot of the International Space Station above Mineral County. (Taken from the same spot as the previous photo but I turned the camera 180 degrees to a smoke-free sky)
Moon through SmokeMoon rises through the smoke.
The nearly full moon rises through the smoke of the Papoose Fire around 10:00pm.
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Michael Underwood Photography
I haven't been in the Sliverjack area this year yet.
will bargmann(non-registered)
Michael, The power of your lens on the current fires is breath taking. Writing this from Austin, TX in a severe drought and hoping you get rain before we do. Do you have any pictures taken in the Silverjack area? The East Fork fire is burning there now and my wife and I have been going there for 37 years. Please rain...
Rick Rhodes Photography / Fort Worth, TX.(non-registered)
Thank You So Much for sharing, and for keeping all of us updated on the fires. Your work is wonderful & amazing. Debbie & I have been coming to the South Fork area since 1985. It's a time honored tradition my father stared in the late 60's. This year would have been our 33rd season in the Rockies. We are still praying for that to happen this summer. God Bless You my friend & know that our family is praying every day for everyone involved in fighting these fires*
Jill Tankersley Savely(non-registered)
Thanks for the pictures. My brothers and I were the first children born/raised at the Farmers Union in the 1950s (my parents: Gene and Joanne Tankersley) It's heartbreaking what Federal policy has done to the National Forests and the people of the Western U.S.
Ed Vaughn Photography(non-registered)
These are great images Michael. A friend of ours is in a campground outside of Lake City. Does not know yet if he will have to get his RV out of the campground yet. Thank you for posting these pictures.
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